Symptoms of heart attack

Vital Signs of a Heart Attack Everybody Should Know

In U.S.A, in every twenty seconds, one person is affected by a heart attack. You will be surprised if I show you the overall statistic about the heart attack patients and the number of dead persons because of a heart attack. I won’t talk here about some statistical data about heart attack.

Sign and symptoms of a heart attack are like giving the person another chance to live once again by taking some time practical steps. If you have the proper idea about the vital signs of a heart attack, you can save a life in an emergency situation by taking the particular patient at the nearby hospital.

Do know the vital signs of a heart attack by which you can understand the situation of a cardio patient?

We all have some little knowledge about this topic. But for an emergency situation, proper knowledge about vital signs of heart attack is undoubtedly essential. Have a look over the following paragraphs to know about the most important and dangerous signs of a heart attack. This can save you or your loved ones from the deadly attack on heart.

Pain in chest

The real beginning sign of a heart attack is feeling severe pain in the chest. This first indicator makes the victim feeling uncomfortable around the heart for few minutes. You or the person would feel like burning pain and tightness inside the chest.

Symptoms of heart attack


The pain of chest spreads around the whole upper body of the victim, and therefore he or she will feel very pain in their shoulder, back, neck, throat, and arms.


Another vitals sign of heart attack is feeling stressed, exhausted and obsessed for a longer period. Especially in women, shortness of breath and body fatigue are most common symptoms of a heart attack.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is another indicator of heart attack even when the person is not doing anything.

Gastrointestinal problems

Mid digestive disorder is another vital sign of a severe heart attack. This symptom is considered as the most susceptible sign of a heart attack.

Persistent cough

If anybody is facing continuous coughing or wheezing, he or she must check up the whole body as something is going wrong.

Irregular pulse

When the heart finds it challenging to pump blood through the entire body, irregular pulse or sudden rapid heartbeat appears as another indication of a severe heart attack is. An irregular pulse can be found because of dizziness and shortness of breath also.

Other prominent symptoms of a severe heart attack are feeling weak, nausea, sudden vomiting, feeling lightheaded.

If you or any person around you is having these symptoms, then take him or her immediately to the hospital by which the person can be secured from having a severe heart attack. Regularly read our articles on health and fitness for being healthy. Also, don’t forget to eat right foods for your heart health.

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