Three Methods To Quit Smoking Once And For All

Smoking is a habit that takes its toll on not only your health, but your bank balance, and often even your relationships.

However, anybody who has ever tried to quit smoking will know that it is no easy task. Many people will try to quit up to eight times before finally managing to kick the habit, and for most, it is just a case of finding the right method.

What works will be different for everybody, so here are our top three methods we think you should try to finally quit smoking once and for all!


Nicotine replacement

For many people, the desire to quit smoking is largely for health reasons and so finding a less harmful way to satisfy the nicotine cravings is a great way to quit.

There are many different forms of nicotine replacement, and a few of the most popular kinds are nicotine patches, gum, and vaping.

We spoke to the guys at Cloudz Vapour who told us that “vaping is a fantastic way to quit smoking, as not only does it deliver that hit of nicotine that you crave, it also helps to replace the habit itself.”

If you are somebody who knows you will find it hard to give up your cigarette breaks at work, or you’re often with friends who spend a lot of time in the smoking area if you go out together, then having an electronic cigarette is really valuable so that you can still keep your routine similar, without giving in to the temptation to have a real cigarette.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat a variety of different things, and one of them is a smoking habit.

CBT looks to address the behavioral patterns and thought processes and really helps people who want to quit to make it a permanent change.

Often CBT is undertaken in the form of one to one therapy or sometimes in groups. There is even an app called Quit Genius which is based on CBT and was developed by experts in quitting smoking. The app is recommended by the NHS Stoptober campaign.

CBT tends to be combined with other quitting strategies, and it is very effective when done so. It is particularly effective for people who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Cold turkey

While going cold turkey is certainly not the most effective method of quitting, for some people who have tried lots of different ways of quitting without success it is worth trying.

While those who smoke ten a day or fewer will generally find quitting cold turkey easier than heavier smokers, for some people quitting is a case of mind over matter, and cutting down or replacing can just lead to relapses. If this sounds like you, you can find some tips on how to quit cold turkey here.

We hope this has given you some insight into some of the different methods that you may wish to try when it comes to quitting smoking.

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