What Stag Activities Can You Do In Bucharest?

A best friend is irreplaceable, is someone you can trust, is the one you can always rely on. Friends are those people you call in the middle of the night if you have a problem. Also, they are the first ones who you want to share the important moments of your life.

You’ve just heard the latest news, one of your best friends is getting married and he chooses you to be his best man. Obviously, you want to organize the best stag party ever.

Bucharest, an inexpensive spot

At first, you’ll have to think about the place where you’ll plan the stag weekend for your best friend. One of the most inexpensive destinations from Europe where you could travel in Bucharest, in Romania. One of its nicknames is Little Paris because of the city’s exquisite architecture during the period between the two World Wars.

This vibrant city has many tourist attractions such as Palace of the Parliament, Herastrau Park, Triumph Arch, Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History and so on.

Once you’ve picked the place, the next step is to choose all the stuff you want to do during the stag weekend. If you don’t have many ideas in your mind, below is a list of some exciting activities that you can do with your friends:

  1. Dracula castle tour with lunch – Everyone heard about the legend of Count Dracula. Get ready to visit the castle where it said that he used to live. After the tour, you’ll get traditional meal and beers.
  2. Tandem Sky Diving – You’ll be trained by a professional instructor and you’ll be provided with adequate equipment.
  3. Squash – Nothing compares to a game of squash that will help you to keep in a good shape after tasting delicious traditional Romanian meal.
  4. Hitch Hiker Stripper – A sexy girl will be on the road, don’t worry the groom won’t suspect anything.You’ll enjoy a 15-20 minute private show in the back of your vehicle.
  5. Cleaning Lady Stripper – A hot girl will come to your accommodation and get rid off their clothes in order to delight your sight.
  6. Five a side Football – Another activity that will keep you fit and will entertain you and your friends is a football match.
  7. Underground Tour – You’ve already know that Bucharest has many interesting landmarks for its visitors, but what do you think about exploring the hidden parts of the city? Enjoy a 4 hour guided city tour of Bucharest and see the street art & graffiti.
  8. Wine tasting and lounge bar entry – You’ll have the chance to taste 6 different kinds of wine and cheese platters.

After all, one of the best feelings is spending time with your friends and knowing that you’ll always have them by your side, isn’t it?

For more information and more ideas for activities, visit Eventhuse.co.uk and choose the best stag experiences for the future groom and your friends.

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