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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend (or Wife) Happy Year-Round


Luring in a partner takes time and effort. After courting someone and securing her as your girlfriend or wife, you may let out a sigh of relief. You can’t get too comfortable, though … You have to put in continuous effort to keep your significant other happy.

Men, the advice below is practically the holy grail. With only five tools, you can keep your love alive and your partner happy year-round.

1) Block Out Time

It’s easy to fall into routines—whether it’s a work routine or a relationship routine. You may be tempted to get takeout together and catch up on television shows every night, but there are better uses of your precious free time. Although the Netflix-and-takeout routine is OK from time to time, it shouldn’t be a constant occurrence.

Make an effort to do something new together. Is there a new cafe you’ve wanting to try? Is there a new boutique or store your girlfriend of wife wants to check out? Take time to explore new things together, so you have more to talk about and connect over.

2) Buy Her Thoughtful Gifts

Beating around the gift-giving bush is all too common. Simply put, buying gifts is hard—especially for your significant other. Finding the right gift seems like an insurmountable task.

Luckily, there’s a simple answer—Occasion Station. Their platform is full of personal gift shoppers that buy, wrap and ship gifts for you. In other words, they do all the work, and you get all the credit.

Also, many of their personal shoppers are women. Although it can be hard to admit, women are better gift-givers than men. (Seriously, it’s a scientific fact.) Female shoppers have a higher interest in interpersonal issues and are superior to men when it comes to giving people gifts—regardless of the receiver’s gender.

3) Tell Her Considerate Things

Everyone loves to hear unsolicited compliments—especially your girlfriend or wife. Of course, saying the words “I love you” is important at some point, but words of affirmation shouldn’t stop with this phrase.

Take time to tell your girlfriend or wife why you love her. Be kind, encouraging and positive when you talk to her, and try to compliment her daily.

4) Provide Unprovoked Assistance

Up to this point, the tools and tricks mentioned have been pretty low-maintenance. Not one of them takes a ton of time or effort—but they still have big payoffs. Unprovoked assistance is a bit more time-intensive than the other tips, but it’s well worth the effort.

Find opportunities to serve your girlfriend or wife. Maybe you take care of all the house chores for a week without her asking. You might make her a special home-cooked meal. Thinking of her needs and fulfilling them without her asking will certainly earn you brownie points.

5) Physical Reassurance

When men think about physical touch in a relationship, their thoughts often go to one activity. What about casual touch that happens outside of the bedroom, though? To really keep your girlfriend or wife happy, you should take time to hold her hand. You can surprise her with big, warm hugs. Women go crazy for this sort of stuff.

You can also turn this technique into a gift. You might not always want to give your partner a 60-minute back rub, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve one. Offer to buy her a massage or pedicure somewhere she likes. Preemptively pay her salon for her next hair appointment and have the staff keep it a secret until she tries to pay. There’s more than one way to fulfill your partner physically.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Men often fall short when it comes to keeping their significant other happy year-round. This task seems difficult to do, but with the right know-how, it’s very achievable and sustainable. More than this, though, it can be very gratifying.

There are few better things to a man in love than figuring out the keys to his woman’s heart. Identifying and carrying out behaviors that make your female partner happy will increase your happiness, too. Sure, it’ll take more time and thought, but the overall benefits for both sides will far outweigh the required effort.

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