Selecting Fountains And Other Water Features

There can be little doubt about the incredible relaxation that water can provide. The reflective qualities and distinctive movement of ponds, fountains, pools and the like can transform any outdoor space into a real oasis and a magnet for flora and fauna.

If you are interested in adding this type of visual and auditory interest to your garden area, there are some key things to bear in mind.

1. It will be necessary to have your own supply of water and probably electrical power as well so that fountains and pump mechanisms can be operated with ease.

2. Water always finds its own level, and therefore the feature itself will need to have edges of identical height.

3. Sloped landscapes are great for the installation of waterfalls capable of bringing a sense of movement to the garden.

4. Retaining walls are great for building falls as well as raised channels capable of contributing real drama to the yard and can be a great modern looking fountain.

5. Parents of children need to make safety a top priority. Pools, ponds or other water features of any notable depth should e kept within sight of the main residence.

6. Make certain that any water feature you install is in keeping with the size and style of the home.

7. In order to thwart potential mosquito infestations, make certain that the water is permitted to circulate via waterfall, pump or fountain feature.

8. Be wary of deciduous trees sitting near your water feature, because falling leaves can cause complications with pools, ponds, waterfalls and the pumps that operate the.

9. Water features can double as functional items by serving as a gardening aid or a gutter alternative.

10. As you select a spot for a pond installation, remember that whatever is near to it will be the basis of the reflection seen by all.

11. Remember to keep the majority of your ponds and similar features free of vegetation so that a beautiful reflection of clouds or other outdoor elements can be on full display.

12. Bear in mind the need for regular water feature maintenance. Black dyes are great for hiding and halting the growth of algae. It is necessary to remove blanket weeks often, and duckweed and related detritus is manageable with the help of a pond skimming tool.

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