How To Select An Elliptical Trainer For Home

Elliptical trainers have become one of the most popular types of exercise equipment and it is east to see why. They simulate the running motion but eliminate the impact from running. Also, most elliptical trainers on the market today include handles that provide for a total body workout.

What are the factors to consider if you are considering buying an elliptical trainer for your home other than elliptical reviews?

The obvious place to start is your budget. Elliptical trainers start under $500 and can go to $4000 and even higher. We recommend erring on the high side of your budget range. A couple of hundred dollars, or 25 cents a day over the life of the machine, can make the difference between an elliptical trainer that is regularly used and one that sits in the corner catching dust.

When it comes to actual features, first and foremost, select a unit that is stable during exercise and has a smooth, fluid elliptical motion. An elliptical trainer that feels rickety when exercising is will offset any otherwise fantastic features.

Next, make sure the stride length is adequate for you. Stride lengths of 18” to 20” is fine for a vast majority of people, but if you are very tall, look for even longer stride length. Budget priced elliptical trainers tend to have a shorter stride length, and you could consider if you are up to average height.

Now that we have stability and fit out of the way let’s deal with the extras that you can choose from, based on your particular needs.

If you are like to push yourself to the limit, definitely consider an elliptical trainer that has an adjustable incline. Some models have slopes as high as 30%.

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Decide how important the display and electronics are. You can get elliptical trainers with a wide range of training programs and lots of feedback information. If you just want to get the control of your settings and keep track of time, this would be one area to save money.

If it is important to you that you train in the most optimal way, heart rate monitoring is a must. Most elliptical trainers incorporate HR contact grips, and many also add wireless control with a chest strap.

Any feature that make it more likely that you get on the elliptical trainer more often and stay there longer are well worth it. These include cooling fans, water bottle holders, reading racks and MP3/Ipod docking stations with speakers.

Warranty length tends to follow sales price carefully. Unless the price is the dominant factor, look for 2 to 3 years on parts and one year on labor.

Lastly, we recommend you buy online. With the help of review sites like Lifestyll.Com, you can make an entirely educated decision while using reviews like best ellipticals 2017 without actually testing a unit and you are likely to save significantly. Often unit sold online come with free shipping, and since the seller is liable to be out of state, there is also no sales tax.

Many online retailers manufacture the machines they sell, and it is always advantageous to have a direct connection to the manufacturer if you have issues later. If your conscience allows, you can always try out a unit in a store before deciding.

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