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3 Reasons To Take Your Personal Alcohol Course in 2018

When it comes to alcohol licensing laws, there are lots of things to understand in order to sell or supply alcohol responsibly, whether you’re a bar manager, a restaurant owner, or just someone who works in an establishment serving alcoholic drinks.

By law, businesses, organizations, and individuals who are selling or supplying alcohol must have a license to do so, which can come in the form of a personal license, a premises license, or a Temporary Events Notice.

However, most people working in the hospitality industry won’t have considered taking a personal alcohol license course, despite it offering some great benefits. In fact, many hospitality workers may not even know what a personal alcohol license course is.

So, to give you some more info and to convince you to take a personal alcohol course in 2018, we’ve found 3 great benefits to holding your own personal license.

What is a personal license?

To start with, it’s probably best to explain what a personal license actually is.

A personal license authorizes someone to sell alcohol on the behalf of any business who holds a premises license or a club premises certificate.

Each establishment that is authorized to sell alcohol must have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) who holds a personal alcohol license, acts as the point of contact for the authorities and who, in turn, authorizes staff without a personal license to sell alcohol.

This guide by the UK government offers more information on personal licensing.

So, what’s the point of taking a personal license course?

Career progression

One of the main benefits of taking a personal license course is to boost your CV and improve your career prospects.

Many managers and supervisors are required to hold a license, so obtaining one in advance could help you to secure senior positions much more quickly and easily than if you were applying for jobs without any hospitality recognized certificates.

Because it’s highly valued qualification in the industry, it can make you a much more appealing candidate as it demonstrates an awareness of licensing laws and the responsibility required to sell alcohol, which can really fast track your career.

Plus, a personal license lasts indefinitely, meaning you’ll always be able to fall back on it regardless of where your career takes you.

Build your knowledge

Another great benefit to a personal alcohol course is building your knowledge and ultimately become better at your job.

During your course, you will gain a better understanding of licensing laws, such as asking for ID and cutting people off after they’ve had too much to drink, which can help you to avoid large fines or heavy penalties for your establishment.

This allows you, and the business you’re working for, to continuously improve and become well regarded in the eyes of the authorities.

Meet new people

Finally, a personal license course will be full of like-minded people working in the hospitality industry, allowing you to meet new people and share your tips and tricks.

This allows you to make new contacts and build your network which could prove invaluable in the future as you look for new roles and opportunities.

So, if you fancy taking a personal license course to take advantage of these great benefits, you’ll need to go through a legitimate accreditor such as Hospitality Training Solutions to gain your license.

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