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5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

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Thinking about skipping breakfast on your next busy workday? That may not be the best choice of action according to health experts: eating a healthy breakfast offers tangible health benefits as your body prepares itself for the day, effectively waking up as we do and steeling itself for future meals to come.

By the time most of us have woken up and prepared for work, school, college or just getting our families ready to face the world, having a proper breakfast may seem borderline impossible. It’s tempting to grab a granola bar and rush out the door, yet we miss out on the chance to start the day out with a boost of nutrients, fiber and other helpful components that keep us running from sunup to sundown.

Going for foods that help you feel full is always preferable to snacking on something that will just leave you wanting more, but firing up the stove for an hour of pre-work cooking isn’t anyone’s ideal daily ritual. Instead, here’s five helpful ideas that focus on foods you can prepare quickly or even begin the night before to help you get a jump start on the day!

1.  Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

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It doesn’t get much quicker than overnight oats. After making their rounds on the internet as a breakfast craze several years back, the solid foundation of quick breakfast foods with healthy additions to any diet has managed to keep this oatmeal alternative fresh in every food-lover’s mind. Instead of cooking the oats in the morning, simply soaking them overnight allows them to soak up moisture without becoming gummy, sticky messes like many instant oats tend to.

The best part? You can customize your overnight oats as you like! Skip the peanut butter. Add fresh fruit. Sugar it up. It’s your breakfast, serve it up how you like it.

2.  Sausage, Gravy and Egg Sandwiches

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Sounds like too much work in the morning? Turns out almost any combination of egg, sausage and muffin can be frozen ahead of time.

If it doesn’t sound healthy enough for you, remember that protein is a key component in feeling full throughout the day and that sausage and egg together provide plenty to go around. If you’re really worried about calories, skip the gravy and replace the muffin with something lighter. Sausage and egg lettuce wrap, anyone?

3.  Avocado Toast

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It’s fatty, but in a good way. It’s full of fiber, but without downing an entire bowl of oatmeal. Preparing avocado toast only takes as long as your toaster does. Slicing this fruit is quite easy: simply cut the avocado lengthwise until you hit the pit, then remove it and start scooping out the flesh. Smash it, until it turns into a paste, sprinkle with salt and go.

Brave souls might try spicing it up with pepper, lime juice, cilantro or cherry tomato quarters for a healthy breakfast with surprising zest.

4.  Huevos Rancheros

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For those willing to risk scrambling an egg for breakfast there’s always the temptation of huevos rancheros to wake your taste buds up with something slightly outside of standard breakfast fare.

Starting with a base of egg and a wheat tortilla for protein and fiber in one delicious combo, your options are nearly limitless. Feel like slathering on cheese and salsa for extra calcium and a nice change of early morning flavor profile? In the mood to add pico de gallo and punch the eggs up to a level not meant to be experienced by mere mortals? It’s all up to you!

5.  All-Natural Smoothies

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Try to resist the siren song of over-sugared fruit drinks from concentrate and try something more natural. With a blender, you’re only a few moments away from a smoothie that is rich in whatever nutrients you feel you need most. Vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and more are at your fingertips as long as you know what to combine for the perfect smoothie experience.

Customization is the name of the game and offers the smoothie’s best strength: you aren’t locked down to what you made the evening before if you keep a stock of fresh fruit on hand.


If you’re feeling brave enough to reintroduce breakfast back into your hectic schedule, try any one of these quick, healthy breakfast ideas to help you spend more time enjoying life and less time groggily stumbling about in the kitchen.

Your time is precious, but your health is just as important. Spend it wisely and make sure your body is prepared to meet the day.

 Author Bio: Amanda Wilks is a contributing author for The Kitchen Advisor, cooking enthusiast and sports advocate. She believes that a balanced lifestyle is based on two core principles: a daily exercise routine and a healthy diet. Amanda enjoys writing on these topics with every occasion she finds, hoping that her vision will inspire others to lead a healthy life. Learn more about Amanda on Twitter.

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