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The Perfect Gifts For Every Instagram Loving Millennial

Instagram is a massive part of the millennial generation and a good profile is a source of pride throughout the world, with many going the extra mile for that perfect insta-worthy snap.

So, with Christmas coming up, what could be a better gift for Instagram lovers than something that can up their selfie game, celebrate their snaps or keep them *on brand*?

Here, we’ve found some of the perfect gifts for all Instagram lovers.

Instagram posters

Whilst Instagram is a perfect online platform for photos, sometimes it would be nice to have a copy you can enjoy without staring at a screen.

Cue these personalised posters from Inkifi. Made up of a collage of 35 of their best insta pics, these posters ensure their gram is the pride of place both online and offline and can even be used in a ~artsy~ wall display.

If you’re looking for something a bit more functional, Inkifi’s wooden calendar is a great way to display those perfect pics whilst keeping track of all their social events.

Selfie remote

These remotes can really help up their selfie game. Using Bluetooth to take a photo from your mobile device from anywhere within 30 feet, these handy little gadgets give you more freedom than any before to get that *perfect* picture without the dreaded selfie arm.

This post by iMore has some great recommendations for the best iPhone remotes.

Portable charger

One of the (few) downsides of being an Instagram queen is the reliance on smartphone batteries. Chances are, if they’re snapping away all day, their phone battery will be going down quicker than the UK economy.

A portable charger is a perfect way to continue the insta streak 27/7. And there are plenty of glamorous options out there so you can maintain your street cred.

This rose gold one is very on the brand at the minute.

Instagram hip flask

Most millennials will be coupling their Instagram habit with existential crises and a side serving of #daydrinking. This Instagram flask is the perfect way to help them maintain their insta reputation whilst doing so and will no doubt feature in plenty of their snaps.

For a more personal flask, you can customise your own with pictures here.

Smartphone lenses

Whilst smartphone cameras are constantly improving, they only offer a limited number of options for capturing those perfect shots.

This is where a smartphone lens comes in handy. Attaching one of these to your device can transform your photos whilst still allowing you to easily upload them to your profile, making it the perfect gift for instance-addicted millennials.

This roundup has some suggestions for both Android and iOS users.

Selfie light phone case

Popularised by millennial icons, the Kardashians, these phone cases are revolutionizing the selfie game. Lighting up faces around the world to create fire selfies, LuMee is the heavyweight in this arena.

However, if you’re limited on cash, you can find different options on Amazon here.

Custom nail wraps

These custom nail wraps by Nails Naps are wonderful ~extra~ and a great gift for the diva in your life.

By using their app, you can create custom nail art from any of your Instagram pictures, meaning you can literally wear your gram. With worldwide shipping, easy application and 2 weeks worth of wear, what’s not to love?

Gorilla Pod


This gadget by Joby means Instagram lovers can create the perfect photo shoot no matter where or when. With adjustable legs that can wrap around any surface and a secure grip to hold a smartphone, it can up their insta game massively.

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