Palawan Island

Palawan Island – The Little Heaven On Earth

Mother Nature has so much to offer to this mankind, and Palawan Island is one of the best blessings. If you are looking for a true slice of heaven on this earth, Palawan Island won’t disappoint you at all. The never ending beauty of this beautiful Island will keep you amused for the whole time. Being a natural explorer, take a deep breath now and get ready to apprehend, why you need to visit this silver Island.

Why Palawan in the Best Island?

Palawan Island has been named as UNESCO Natural Heritage site few years ago. However, UNESCO declared this for the whole area of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. In 2014, Palawan claimed the very top position as the best island in the whole world by the reader’s choice in a poll composed by a US top magazine. After the survey, the Palawan has been named for readers choice award of Conde Nast Travelers for 2014.

Exotic Natural Beauty

Palawan Island is swarming with amazing sea shore, crystal clear blue water, charming fishing village, tropical wildlife, exotic greenwood and so on. Apparently, Palawan Island is a fascinating travel spot because of the 2nd longest underground river. Personally, I am looking for the quick tour of this Island within a few months. Simply, you can’t find such pure beauty altogether in an Island, except it’s Palawan. The overwhelming beauty will simply keep you stunned for few minutes after arriving in this little piece of heaven. Don’t look any further, if you want to taste the true beauty.

Palawan Island

Nevertheless, Palawan is actually a hoard of more than thousands islands in Southeast Asia. All those islands are located in the western part of Philippines. Despite the fact that Palawan is a large area of the huge amount of lands and islands, you must check for your most desired destination. Basically, the whole area is the most rarely inhabited area of Philippine. Therefore, those specialties have made Palawan island one of the most demanded holiday destinations to travelers. In a way, the vast area bestows tourist with the ethical and pious serenity and the feasibility to travel through remote lands and islands.

Puerto Princessa is most of all the main attraction Palawan Island. Till 2007, it was known to be the longest underground river before the discovery of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula River. However, Puerto Princessa is still mentioned as one of the most amazing natural phenomena.

Palawan voted Top Island in 2014

Now, let’s know how Palawan became the best island in 2014. In order to find out the world’s top 30 Islands, a survey was driven by famous Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Out of 76,600 readers vote, Palawan gained the top rating of 88.75 out of 100 in the competition. The whole survey was about 17 minutes long.

How to get in Palawan Islands?

Till now, we know how much this Palawan Islands can offer to its travelers. So, let’s know how we can get there. Actually, we can reach Palawan through both air and sea. By air, it will take exactly 75 minutes if you travel from Manila. The whole cost is pretty affordable, however, it fully depends on the land you want to stay on. If you travel from Davao or Cebu, it will take 1.5 hours to arrive in Palawan.

I won’t recommend you to travel through the sea Because Manila to Puerto Princessa is known to be the most dangerous water route in whole Philippine. But, if you insist for water travel, please chose a reputed and reliable ferries like San Nicolas Shipping or Negros Navigation for better safety.


What should you do in Palawan?

Before you get to Palawan, you should enlist the things you want to do in there. For getting pure Asian experience, you can enlist the following points.

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Island Hopping
  • City tour
  • Exploring Puerto Princessa
  • Experiencing food

There are sufficient resorts for the tourists. You can choose your suitable staying place according to your choice and expense.

After the review of Palawan Islands, no person should miss the chance of tasting the true beauty of heaven. So, start making a plan and explore the real pearl of Philippine.

Stay safe and be happy. Thank you.


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