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How to Keep Lettuce Fresh For Two Weeks

In the mid-year, you are about servings of mixed greens. You cherish them year round, yet there is something so reviving about icy, fresh lettuce in the warmth of summer.

You will frequently make one dish suppers based on a tremendous dish of serving of mixed greens, and simply best it with chicken of the barbecued, teriyaki, darkened or singed assortment.

In light of what has been said, you got genuine tired of washing lettuce consistently. What’s more, your family additionally got genuine tired of you making them wash lettuce consistently. So you thought of this thought, and it has exactly the intended effect. It truly will keep you spotless, washed lettuce dry and new for two weeks.

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SO, How to Keep Lettuce Fresh For Two Weeks?

These following steps will help you to store lettuce properly for two weeks and more:

  • Fill your spotless sink with icy water. At that point remove the finishes from your lettuce. Some incline toward leaf lettuce, yet any sort will do here. Simply spread the lettuce in a sink brimming with frosty water.
  • Let them splash for around 15-20 minutes or more. Wash the lettuce leaves around delicately a couple times to extricate any earth, and after that simply let them sit.
  • The earth is substantial, so it will tumble to the base of the sink. It will constantly astounded at the amount of coarseness falls off of lettuce that looked clean to begin with.How to Keep Lettuce for Two Weeks
  • Presently the way to keeping lettuce new is that it should be dry. Not extraordinarily very dry like the packed away servings of mixed greens but rather there shouldn’t be beads of water on the leaves, or they’ll spoil and get all disgusting.

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  • This hair brained thought depends on an antiquated Southern trap for washing collard greens in the clothes washer. You would figure, on the off chance that you can transform your clothes washer into a mammoth sink, then why not use the twist cycle as a monster plate of mixed greens spinner.
  • Everything you’ll need for this trap is a bigger size lattice zipper sack the kind that you’d purchase to dry ‘elicits in. Lettuce is sensitive.
  • Presently, you want to get modest bunches of the drippy wet lettuce don’t crush it or anything. It’s sensitive.
  • Simply stuff it into your cross section pack. Do whatever it takes not to mix up the water excessively, so the soil stays put on the base. When you get all the lettuce into the pack, you can deplete your sink.
  • Zip your lettuce into the washing sack. At that point hold a towel under wet drippy sack o-lettuce and head to the clothes washer.How to Keep Lettuce Fresh
  • Pop your sack o-greens into the clothes washer and select the twist cycle. The machine splashes water out at the absolute starting point of the twist cycle, so set it about mostly past the twist and afterward shut the lid. And that is it! It turns the ever-loving’ living crap out of your lettuce, and it rises up out of the sack simply ideal for long haul refrigerator stockpiling.
  • Store 2 gallon packs with a twofold layer of paper towel on both sides of the sack. Any dampness still on the lettuce will gather on the paper towels. This will keep it sufficiently clammy to stay hydrated and fresh, yet keeps the lettuce from sautéing.
  • Try not to tear or cut the leaves until making the plate of mixed greens, which takes all of around 30 seconds. In addition, that gives me the alternative of having entire lettuce leaves for sandwiches, lettuce wraps, and so on.

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These steps will help you out to store your lettuce leaves for more than two weeks so that you don’t have to throw them off. These steps are very simple to follow. So, I hope you have learned How to Keep Lettuce Fresh For Two Weeks. Please share this article, if you think its helpful.

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