How to Cut an Onion with No Tears

Cooking takes a lot of things. It can even make you cry at times. Yes, you heard it right. The only time you will cry while cooking when you are chopping the onion though it differs from people to people but you will feel tears on your eyes because of onion. It’s a must to use onion on your favorite dishes to add that extra flavor but it takes your tears to add that.

Let’s find out the reason behind the tears and how to stop it.

Why cutting an onion makes you cry:

that’s a very frequently asked question. Onions create the compound aggravation known as syn-propanediol-S-oxide. It animates the eyes’ lachrymal organs so they discharge tears. Researchers used to accuse the protein alliance of the unsteadiness of substances in a cut onion.

We try hard so that we don’t cry while cutting an onion. But we fail as we don’t follow the steps which we should.

how to cut onion without tearsHow to Chop Onions without Tears:

The following things can help you out to cut the onions without having tears on your eyes and your eyes won’t hurt as well. These tips are great.

  1. Cut the onion close hot running water or a billow of steam. Steam from a pot or skillet of water will do the trap. The science here is that the steam will draw out the vapors from the onion, disseminating them.
  2. Inhale through your mouth and stick your tongue out. This draws the gas over your wet tongue. The olfactory nerves, which are firmly situated to the tear channel nerves, will be by avoided and there will be no tears produced
  3. Absorb the onion water. The chemical is denatured by the water-air limit. Notwithstanding, do realize this disposes of some flavor and that the onion is somewhat more elusive than ordinary.
  4. Point your blade far from the tubes. Since onion substance is tubular in development, indicating the tubes far from you while cutting will keep the onion from splashing in your eyes.
  5. Shriek while you work. Shrieking makes a noteworthy wind current, particularly far from your face, which keeps the onion fog far from your eyes. Simply pick an infectious tune that you won’t have any desire to quit shrieking and you can cut the same number of onions as you need.How to chop onion
  6. Sliced the onion alongside a solid draft from a smoke hood, fan, or window. This is so that the gas is pulled far from your eyes. Get to hacking on your stove and utilize the vent that surfaces above. On the other hand, simply get by an open window or get outside and appreciate the breeze.
  7. Wear contact lenses. They make a hindrance between the surface of your eyes and the gas. In the event that it’s this or glasses, certainly go for lenses.
  8. Utilize the flame technique. Light a flame and set it close to the cutting board before cutting the onion. The gas discharged by the onion is drawn into the fire of a light.

You cooking remains simply unfinished if you don’t use onion but on the other hand, you think of your eyes. If you follow these steps you can cut onions without tears and make it easy.

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