How To Apply Nail Stickers In 7 Easy Steps

Nail stickers and nail designs have become very essential ingredient of makeup and beauty. Are you worried how to use stick on nail designs? For beauty doubter, stick-on nail decals that cover your full nail bed. It comes into view right up there with at-home eyebrow waxing kits .Here is an easy and quick method to get wonderfully unique nails in minutes!

You Will Need

  • Beautiful nail/Clean nail
  • Nail file
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Small scissors
  • Set of nail sticker
  • Top coat


1: Start with clean and dry nails. These should be totally bare of polish. Press on back these cuticles gently also.

2: Take the small scissors handy just in case any label is too large or slightly off shape. It often sets offers more than 10 stickers per set. In this case, you should find one that fits each nail pretty well.

3: To get a perfect match, before you take away the backing, pre-measure the nail sticker on top of your nail. Go with larger if you’re in doubt, as because you can always trim excess.

4: Push on your nail sticker seal to the cuticle and smooth it out toward the to apply nail stickers

5: After using there will be a “wave” of the sticker at the tip of your nail. Utilize your file descending along the tip of the nail to take away the extra. Just taking care not to file on top of the label .In case if you accidentally file too much you’ll see your nail viewing through at the tip. Be careful, don’t take the sticker off. To get an easy fix just add a little polish in a shade which matches sticker, right along the edge as required.

6: The last and final trick to keeping stickers put is to “iron” these. Press and drag your thumb down onto each nail, from cuticle to tip. Here the heat generated from the “ironing” consequence will help them last longer. Where you don’t need a top coat or gel over the sticker.

7: Based on the instructions listed on the stickers, either you’ll peel them off or get rid of with regular polish remover.

Assume you will now apply nail stickers perfectly by yourself. Now you are ready for learning Makeup 101

Best of luck

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