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How Hormones Are Affected With HCG

HCG hormone and its effects

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or the HCG is a protein-based hormone, that’s present in a woman’s body in high levels during the early stages of pregnancy. The presence of HCG shows that a woman is pregnant and is referred to as “the announcer of pregnancy”.

This hormone is also used as the marker in pregnancy tests done at home. The presence of HCG in the blood decreases after the first three months of being pregnant. However, high levels of HCG could also be a symptom of different types of cancer like ovarian, testicular or placental cancer.

HCG hormones and pregnancy

An extremely sensitive bladder is one of the side effects of HCG hormone during pregnancy. Blood supply to the pelvis is increased by the presence of HCG which causes the pregnant woman to empty her bladder quite frequently. The condition slowly subsides after the first trimester only to return later as the baby grows.

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms present during the beginning stages of pregnancy are the results of this hormone. Between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy, the levels of HCG are highest and this is when the morning sickness worsens.

weight loss

HCG hormones and weight loss

British endocrinologist Dr. Albert T W Simeons, while conducting scientific experiments proved that HCG hormones could burn up fat in human body. He conducted this experiment on boys whose testosterone levels were very low. The result was that the abnormal belly fat was lost and the boys ended up losing weight. A new diet plan called HCG diet was put forth in 1954 to help obese and overweight people to reduce weight. The HCG diet plan has two steps:

Administration of HCG hormones through injections or pills

Consumption of calories which is restricted to 500 or less per day

The metabolism in a person’s body is stimulated through the introduction of HCG hormone which burns down fat converting it to energy. This energy stops a person from being hungry in spite of taking extremely low amounts of calories and he/she loses weight.

HCG and other hormones

Let’s take a look at how hormones are affected with HCG. Estrogen and Progesterone are the two main hormones that have major roles to play during pregnancy. Most of the symptoms experienced by pregnant women are the result of the presence of these hormones.

The development of embryo and fetus depends mainly on estrogen and progesterone. The production of these important hormones depends on the HCG hormone.  It’s a known fact that hormone levels could increase or decrease by the presence of certain other hormones.

The presence of HCG in pregnant women results in a decrease in the levels of estrogen and increase in the levels of progesterone. HCG also causes an increase in the level of testosterone. So HCG hormone is used to treat young men experiencing a delay in sexual development. It’s also used in treating infertility. But there are also some legal steroids that work.

All hormones act in relation to the other hormones present in the body. The presence of HCG hormones does have an effect on the other hormones. Maintaining a perfect balance is necessary for the proper functioning of one’s body.

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