Here’s What You Should Know about Pool Maintenance before Adding a Pool

There’s something inherently glamorous about having your own pool in the backyard. Just imagine all the parties, barbecues, days and nights relaxing there with your closest friends and family. Tempting, isn’t it?

But people who rush into adding a pool to their backyard often forget one of the most tedious chores that come with owning a pool: maintenance. There’s a lot of elements that help keep the pool fresh. If any of these elements drop out of the equation due to malfunction or neglect, your pool might become unsightly and even dangerous to your health.

If you don’t plan on enlisting the services of a professional cleaning company, you should at least be familiar with some of the basic aspects of pool maintenance before you rush into buying one.

Skimming and Scrubbing

While not particularly difficult, what makes these tasks so tedious is that they should be performed frequently if you really want your pool to shine.

Skimming the leaves and other debris off of the pool surface is mandatory if you want your pool to look good. The same goes for scrubbing, as it prevents algae from forming on the sides of the pool. However, you don’t need to scrub daily, but at least twice a month or whenever you see algae starting to form.

If you run into particularly persistent stains, use an old sock filled with chlorine and leave it over the stain for a couple of hours. Then attempt to scrub the stain away again as the chlorine dissolves the algae.

To make sure you don’t have to skim the pool all winter, consider investing in a pool cover.

Filter Maintenance

The pool filter is one of an essential piece of equipment keeping your pool pristine. The filter removes any debris like leaves or dirt from the water. Sometimes you can simply clean the pool by turning the filter on.

After using the filter, you only need to remove the collected debris from the filter and it can do the same for you again. Ideally, you should remove the leftovers from the filter at least once each week.

Once a month you should give the filter a complete overhaul. That includes cleaning the pipes the filter uses. The filter usually has a backwash setting that can help you do that.

Maintaining the Ideal Water Level

Maintaining the right level of the water in your pool is also very important, even if it might not seem so. The level will vary after a heavy rain or after use. Ideally, the water should be up to the skimmer opening. If it gets higher you should drain the extra water with a pump. If the pool is lined with fiberglass or vinyl that can get damaged, you should turn to a professional for help instead.

Winterizing the Pool

Pool maintenance might even be more important during the winter than it is during the summer. While this is open for debate, the fact is that keeping your pool safe during the winter is crucial. Imagine uncovering your pool next summer only to find a leak or a contaminated pool. Ensuring your pool is properly winterized will save you a lot of money on costly repairs.

Before you close the pool for the season, get a testing kit to check the chemical levels in the water. Empty the plumbing lines and get a good cover to shield the pool from the outside factors.

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