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A Guide on Submitting Photos to a Modelling Agency

There are a number of ways that you can send your photos to modelling agencies. Whether they are locally based or are operating internationally, you have the choice to send the pictures to them yourself through mail or through email. If you have an existing agency, you can get them to send those pictures on your behalf. They can be sent on your behalf by an online scouting company for models too. Then, there is also social media.

Out of these methods, having a professional scouting company send your photos for you is always the best option. The same is true with getting an experienced agent to do the job. Doing so is the most professional way to get your pictures to be seen by top agencies. Still, if you do want to get this done by yourself, you can. Just make sure that you are doing it the proper way.

You do not just email your photos to agencies. What you need to realise is that it is not just your pictures that these agencies will want to look at. They will also consider how these pictures are presented. The manner it is sent can say a lot about you and the last thing you want is send your modelling photos in such a sloppy fashion.

Know about their submission guidelines

Find out how the modelling agency accepts photo submissions. There are others that may accept submissions by emails. Others may prefer to accept them exclusively by mail. Doing your research ensures that you follow their directions properly when getting the photos submitted.

Make sure that they will accept your type

There are agencies that will choose to focus on specific types of models. Know ahead of time that they are going to accept the type of model that you are. It would save you time and money by finding out first if they are indeed looking for someone like you.

Stick to facts

No, modelling agencies could not really care less how long you have since dreamed of becoming a model. When writing down details about you, stick to the basic. They will want to know your name, height, age, measurements, contact information, current location, agencies that may presently be representing you, as well as your citizenship.

Address agencies individually

Make sure to individually address the agencies in your cover letter or your email. When emailing your photos, avoid sending an email with all the email addresses of other agencies enumerated on the email’s ‘Cc’. The last thing you want is for an agency to think that they are not your first choice. It just reeks of unprofessionalism.

Before submitting anything to a modelling agency, know that they are searching for somebody who has the complete package. While good looks can be a huge plus in becoming a model and impressing modelling agencies, it takes more than just that to actually make it in the industry. Stay business-like and stay professional at all times, and stay positive.

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