Why Fitness Girls Love These 3 Outdoor Routines

Even though the summer is leaving, taking advantage of the outdoor activities is always a good idea if you are among those who love nature and fresh air.
While most of the pro fitness girls you are admiring on the social networks combine an exhausting training in the gym with a cardio workout outdoors – chances are you can still catch up your goals if you are persistent enough in your plan which includes time spent outdoors.

Here are the 3 most adored outdoor fitness routines that girls around the world practice on a daily basis:

Brisk walking

walking lady

Walking at least 30 minutes a day has been proved to help your blood circulation and prevent diseases such as the cardiovascular, depression and a whole list of other diseases you wish you didn’t have. Still, when you extend the time of walking and make it faster – the results will be more than satisfying both for your body figure and your overall well-being.

The top fitness experts usually recommend at least 10.000 steps a day which is about 5 miles. However, when your goal is losing weight and strengthening up your muscles – the usual recommendations would be around 16.000 steps a day.

If you don’t want to feel the pressure of counting steps – a good idea would be to start with a 20-minute brisk walking a day and add five to seven minutes every week until you get reaching the 40-minutes a day goal. You will be surprised how quick the results will show.


cycling girl

Have you ever thought why those super-hot girls on the covers of the fitness and fashion magazines look so good? As much as they lift weights and do cardio workouts in the gym – they combine cycling as an additional activity, too.

Probably the oldest and the best outdoor activity used in the world of fitness has now gone almost viral and the reason is that it is simple and fun while very healthy at the same time.

Choosing your bike, your trail and your goal regarding the time spent on your bike is pretty much enough for a start. Once you get on track, upper the time spent cycling and choose some harder trails that will inquire a bit more strength and effort.
For those girls who are just entering the world of fitness– cycling in the gym would be a great preparation for going outdoors.

Don’t forget the helmet and have fun building the body of your dreams!


Hiking Fit Girl By Lifestyll.com

Have you seen one of those photos taken of great looking fitness girls while hiking some picturesque hill? It’s actually not just a matter of intentions photo shoots, it’s about the hiking as a great way to tone your body and lose extra pounds. Don’t forget to go through a proper day hiking checklist before jumping in.

No matter how hard it looks – once you get properly prepared for this great outdoor activity, you simply won’t want to stop.

Still, some extra preparations besides the weight lifting to strengthen up your leg muscles enough to be ready for hiking are needed.

A proper clothing which includes extra layers for the colder temperatures up on the hill, as well as a pair of special hiking shoes, a walking stick and a bag with bottles of water, will be just enough for a start.

Have fun and enjoy getting fit outdoors – just like a true fitness diva!

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