Eight Things Every Man Should Have


This isn’t just about telling the truth. Being honest also involves what you tell yourself and how you treat other people. Sure, tell the truth, but also be compassionate and have empathy for the problems of others, because there’s more than one way to deliver honesty.

Having honesty means you don’t take more than your share of credit for a good deed you have done. If you do good work, be proud of it. But do good work to earn it.

A Tailored Suit

Every adult man has at least one really nice-looking suit of clothes that fit properly. This can be for formal occasions, such as weddings or parties. However, it can also be the perfect calling card if you’re looking to move up in the world. Hiring managers for non-service industry, salaried positions pay attention to these things.


One of the small details of a quality wardrobe includes good leather belts. When you don’t have them, people notice, especially if you’ve taken the trouble to have your suit tailored. One or two belts will last for years.


People who don’t read are less likely to be knowledgeable, open to new information, and can sometimes just be downright boring. Just as you tend to the fitness and health of your body, you should perform regular maintenance on your mind by reading good books.

Pick ones that speak to your interests, not just those that are popular. Attempt to branch out every so often. Learning doesn’t stop with formal education, it stops with your heartbeat.

Jumper Cables

These should have a permanent place in the trunk of your Chevrolet Cruze. If you’ve ever had an automotive emergency that required these but were without them, and couldn’t find any friendly stranger to help, that should be reason enough to buy your own. And you just might be able to save someone else’s day through a small gesture of kindness.

A Pair of Boots

Whether you’re clearing an overgrown backyard or taking to the mountains for a weekend hike, boots should be a part of your wardrobe. These protect your feet from environmental hazards, be it weather and mud or forest creatures. A sturdy pair of boots is never a bad investment.

Cast Iron Skillet

You can cook everything in this! Properly seasoned skillets will last more than your lifetime and serve just as well in the kitchen or over the campfire. It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of this single pan. You could easily have only this and perhaps a saucepan for soups in your kitchen, and you would be all set. It really is that simple.

Chef’s Knife

This is one of those kitchen tools that maximize utility without taking up space. A good chef’s knife is an investment, and a high-quality blade will cost a little more. But, it replaces the need for many other cheap or substandard knives.Many top-quality knives come with warranties that will replace the blade if it breaks or chips.

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