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How To Clean Your Car Interiors Using A Vacuum

After long-term use, the interior of your car can be downgraded by the impacts of dirt and weather. This not only makes you feel uncomfortable while driving but also causes negative effects on your respiratory system.

Luckily, with a few simple steps, you can make your car’s interior shiny and new again. This post will show you proper techniques using a handheld vacuum to sanitize your car. Let’s check it out!

Step 1: Get Stuff Out of Your Car

Remove all of the garbage such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, leaves, fruit shell, etc. from your cars. Also, detach all the items that occupy the car’s space like newspapers, foods, children toys, or CDs. This will help your vacuum cleaner reach every corner of your car and make the work done easier.

Step 2: Brush and Vacuum the Floor Mats

Firstly, you need to remove the floor mats from your car and place them on a flat and dry surface. Then, take a hard brush and gently sweep out all the dirt, sand and mud attached to the mat.

Now, it’s time to start using your car vacuum. Turn on the device and suck off all the dirt again. The reason why you need a brush is that the mat’s surface is lumpy, while the dirt attaches tightly to every fiber. If you don’t brush it first, your vacuuming work could be a lot harder because you have to brush over and over again.

Brush the mats to make sure they’re clear.

You can shake the mats to get rid of some dust before using the brush, but this is not recommended because the dirt flying in the air can penetrate into your nose and cause negative effects on your respiratory system.

Step 3: Vacuum Your Car Floor

Again, your car vacuum is still the primary tool to clean your car floor. Use it as the same way as what you did with the floor mat, but in this case, the total area is much larger and a little bit harder to clean.

Slide the seat back on its track rail and push the seat toward the back of the car. Now using your cleaner to vacuum the entire area under the seat. Then push the seat forward the front of the car, and again, use the vacuum to suck off all the dirt beneath the seat.

Do the same for the footwell areas until your car floor is completely clear.

Note that, for “headstrong” dirt, using a hard brush is necessary. It can be used to sweep the fibers, then instantaneously suck off the dirt when it’s lifted.

Step 4: Vacuum the Seats

Firstly, you work with the seat back. Gently vacuum it from right to left and from top to bottom. Then vacuum the seat front including the seat backrest, seat bottom, and especially the intersection line between two surfaces. Many unexpected dirt “lives” inside it!

Gently vacuum the seats from right to left, top to bottom

Again, a brush can be used. But, in this case, you’d better use a soft brush instead of a hard one because your seats may make of leather and a hard brush can cause scratches on the seats’ surface.

Continue the process until all of the seats are completely clear.

Step 5: Vacuum the Remaining Parts in Your Car

You almost finish! Just one more step to make clear the dashboard, door’s internal surface, ceiling, etc.

Don’t forget to bring the mat back to the car.

Congratulation! Your work is done!


The total amount of time for cleaning your car interior depends on how big your car is and how dirty it is. Besides, the ability to use your vacuum and the quality of the device itself also affect your time and effort.

Cleaning my car isn’t a hard task for me, and I believe that you can do it very well. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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