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Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage: Are You Buying It?

Thought of a tour in the wild?? Why don’t you get a magnificent and smart travel companion like Bluesmart Smart Carry-On luggage??

This luggage can turn your boring journey into a magnificent, secure, reliable and most of all, fashionable one. That top-notch suitcase apparently comes with few surprises that can give you ultimate relief anywhere you’re about to travel.

The Bluesmart carry-on is an impressive luggage which encompasses feature like wirelessly connecting with smartphone, by which you can remotely allocate your luggage, alike weight it at the same time.

The corresponding app in your mobile allows you to monitor all your travel history, data and store them in a particular place. That handy component facilitates to go through your own travel data anytime you need.

There is also a deep seated built-in battery to help you on charging your cell phone up to 6 times and saves ample amount of time that you had to walk around the airport or station for charging.

In short, that’s a classy suitcase with some ingesting fundamentals. Let’s check out the product description first.

Product Description

  • Brand: Bluesmart
  • Dimensions: 9 x 14 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Smart and Connected

Features of Bluesmart Carry-on luggage

So far, from the above description, Bluesmart has brought revolution in luggage or suitcase features. Now, we’d explore the features vastly offered by that amazing travel assistant.


Battery charger with charging Dock

Bluesmart perceives the importance of recharging phone while travelling. That’s why they’ve introduced a powerful battery with dock, where you can charge your devices like tablet, smartphone, eBook – six times at best.

Regional tracking

You may lose your luggage anytime in report or station or if can get re-routed by airline. What’s then?? Well, using the Bluesmart Carry-On suitcase advanced 3G + GPS feature can cooperate you to find your location or your luggage at any corner of the world.

Factory made weight scale

Well-that’s something unusual. Actually that’s my favorite feature of Bluesmart Carry-On. It does contain a built-in weight scale, which can examine if your luggage has surpassed the maximum weight requirements or not. Simply pull the handle and turn on the app, piece of cake!

Particular compartment

Frankly, getting through airport security kind of disgusting. Bluesmart that’s why kept particular room at the front site of the luggage and made it extremely easy for us to place notebook, laptop etc.

Proximity or concurrence alert

During the journey, Bluesmart will be kept connected through the particular app. And it will give your signal or alert, while you are detached from your suitcase. By utilizing proximity heat map, you can invariably locate your Bluesmart Carry-On meanwhile.

Why should you get this luggage?

TripData App

That’s obviously not a brand new concept, but the execution process for Bluesmart worth’s a try. You can control your suitcase, receive alerts, and get travel data within a moment by using Bluesmart Carry-on and TripData App.

Radical technology + eye-catchy design

Apparently, it’s said by the specialist, Bluesmart have introduced us with quantum leap for the luggage business industry. Sleek and elegant design grant us smooth travel.

Uber Inside

Bluesmart is in a partnership with Uber to help you on recovering lost suitcases and many more.

So, when you are getting your own Bluesmart Carry-On luggage? Don’t miss the chance of enjoying ultimate facilities while you are travelling far.

Thank you.

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