12 Best Elliptical Machines To Buy in 2017

Best Elliptical Machine: The Introduction

Elliptical machines or elliptical cross trainers are capturing the market of fitness equipment rapidly for past few years. It allows for an intense exercise without harsh and shock you get running.

It gives you the smoothness of the bike. Elliptical trainers are the combination pack of the best of stair climbing, running as well as cross country skiing with a little impact. These days best ellipticals are also known as cardiovascular equipment.

In this current world, we are living, so many people all over the world suffer from excess body weight. Not only does it make them unhappy but also poses them to so many health problems. A large percentage of people are now conscious about keeping fit so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-TrainerOne of the best ways of keeping your body fit is through exercise. There are so many workout tools ranging from treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, steppers and much more, but many people are not familiar with elliptical machines. An elliptical trainer is a very home workout tool that you should have for the best cardio workout.

As compared to other types of fitness equipment, elliptical trainers provide the user with a complete full body workout.

Additionally, these machines have been rated the highest in helping you burn more calories. Other benefits that you will get from having an elliptical machine at home include the following:

  • Perfect for improving posture
  • Provide low impact exercises
  • They relieve pain and injuries
  • Boost aerobic capacity
  • Improves balance and mobility
  • They are easy to use and maintain

Now, if you are thinking of setting up a home gym, do not buy an elliptical machine without going through our reviews. This guide will help you understand more information about elliptical trainers as well as help you select the best machine to suit your needs.

Best Elliptical 2017: Who Needs It?

Elliptical machines come in different styles and designs, so there are a variety of machines to select. The machines work by imitating our natural running motion, and you can easily increase the resistance when you want to engage in challenging workouts.

If you are looking for the best way of burning calories or engaging in a full body workout, then having and an elliptical machine will be a great savior.

Before we jump to the best elliptical trainers that we have on the market, it is important to understand that the machines come in different types. There are three different types which are discussed below.

We have elliptical trainers that are designed for lower body cardio exercise. The next type is the cross trainer that allows you to do different exercises, and lastly is the elliptical glider that combines the benefits of the two mentioned above. Depending on the type of machine that you find best for you, you can pick and enjoy effective home workouts.

Best Elliptical Reviews- Top 3 Trainers For Home 2017

Choosing the best elliptical to serve your workout needs can be difficult. And because you want to make a lifetime investment, you need to spend more time researching for the best product that will ultimately provide you with value for your money.

Therefore, after research and testing different models, I’m reviewing top three best elliptical trainers that will be a great purchase. Consider the following machines as the best for lower and upper body workouts as wells efficient burning of calories.

So here we present best ellipticals for 2017…

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Thinking of keeping yourself fit and do not know the right elliptical to buy? Try the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine which is designed to provide you with the best cardiovascular exercises.

This incredible machine will surely help you achieve your fitness goals. Users of this machine appreciate the level of comfort, stability, ease of use and many customizable workout programs that are included among other benefits.


  • Features USB port charging
  • It can support a maximum 300 lb. of weight
  • Features 6 LED tracking lights
  • Comes with satisfactory warranty
  • Ergonomically placed handlebars
  • Tracks various workout parameters to keep you motivated


  • It has a fixed stride length
  • The incline can only be adjusted to 10

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Our second top best elliptical is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. The machine tops the list among many other models on the market because of the versatility of exercises provided. It also gives you many levels of resistance so that you can stay challenged throughout your workouts. It also comes at a very competitive price in comparison to other exercise machines.


  • It has a large LCD window that is easy to read
  • Features transport wheels for easy movement or storage
  • Supports users with a maximum weight of 350lb
  • Comfortable 15-inch strides
  • Acts as a bike and an elliptical combo


  • Complaints of poor customer service
  • Assembly is quite complicated

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

Another top notch machine that you can think of bringing home is the Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer. This elliptical machine best suits people who are concerned about space and still want to enjoy quality workouts.

There are various ways in which you can use the machine such as an upright bike or a recumbent bike, and the resistance is also easy to adjust. With this machine, you are sure of effective and easy workouts to keep your body fit.


  • Easy to adjust the seat and backrest vertically and horizontally
  • Comes with a workout DVD instruction
  • Designed with pulse grips
  • Features 21 training programs
  • Space saving design
  • Can be used as an upright bike or recumbent bike


  • The pedals are short
  • The machine is a little noisy

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer Review

Best Elliptical Trainers- Shop by Price

We all have different budget requirements when it comes to the type of elliptical machine to buy. Some machines carry a hefty price tag so not everybody can afford. The most important thing is going for an elliptical that best suits your budget. We have provided you with different elliptical that come at various prices to suit the budget requirements of every customer.

Best elliptical under $1000

Spending a higher amount of money on a top quality elliptical machine gives you a machine with more advanced features, better construction and the ability to accommodate heavy weight users among other benefits.

If you are looking for the best rated elliptical under 1000 bucks, the following are some of the top 3 most recommendable products that you should think of buying. And obviously these are the best elliptical trainers in 2017.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

When it comes to fitness equipment, Schwinn tops the market by providing users with high-quality workout tools that promote a healthy lifestyle.

For effective fat burning and full body workout, the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is a perfect selection. This is an incredible product designed for both men and women and comes with many features to enhance your workout.

The machine features intuitive controls and other customizable programs that help you achieve your workout goals. You will also get to monitor your heart rate as you monitor because it has an integrated heart monitor.

This easy to use machine also comes with a console to help you keep track of all your workout information. You can tell the distance that you have covered, speed, time and the number of calories that you have burned during the workout.


  • LCD provides you with 13 different workout feedback
  • It has a long stride length (20 inches)
  • Gives you 25 different levels of resistance
  • Offers USB charging and data exchange
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Comes with long warranty


  • It doesn’t have a chest strap

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Another budget-friendly elliptical machine from Schwinn that is effective for home workouts is the Schwinn 430 model. This entry level elliptical comes with many appealing features that promote your workouts.

With the machine, you can enjoy training at different levels of resistance so that you can keep your body sufficiently challenged.

The machine features a monitor display that makes it easier for you to monitor your heart rate when you are in the fat burning zone. You will also get to see many other workout parameters displayed on the monitor.

The machine also features a water bottle holder so you can keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout. Users with a total weight capacity of 350 lbs. will enjoy using this stable elliptical for all their full body workouts.


  • Features a dual track LCD
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Supports heavy users
  • 3-speed fan to keep you cool during workouts
  • Designed with USB charging console


  • The warranty is not great
  • The incline has to be adjusted manually

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer

Our number three best elliptical under $100 is the ProForm Smart Strider 735. Many workout enthusiasts appreciate the machine because of its ability to provide quick adjustment hence giving you the opportunity to focus on specific muscles when you are training.

The machine provides you with a real outdoor experience from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy incline training without leaving your house.

The elliptical comes with other quality features such as 20 levels of digital resistance, power adjustable incline, warranty and supports users up to 300 lbs.


  • Provides adjustable oversized pedals for easy workouts
  • Perfect for people with small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed with transport wheels
  • Supports users with up to 300 lb.
  • Features soft touch upper body grip
  • It is iFit enabled


  • It doesn’t provide smooth and quiet rides

Best Elliptical Under 500

Working out from home provides you with very convenient training, and you have the ability to train at your own time. If you are looking for a mid-range elliptical with useful features to boost your workouts, I’m here to help you make the best choice. The following are some reviews of 3 best elliptical that you can find currently on the market with a budget of less than $500.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Keep your body fit with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. This machine best suits home gyms giving you the opportunity to select from a cardio recumbent bike or only a total toning elliptical program.

The machine provides you with 16 levels of digital resistance so you can choose the most appropriate level that you are comfortable with.

You also get to be entertained when you are working out, thanks to the MPs player that removes boredom. For such an incredible price, you will be amazed at the quality of workouts that you will enjoy when you buy this elliptical trainer.


  • Features comfortable 15-inch stride
  • Easy to read LCD monitor
  • Holds users with weight capacity of up to 350 lb.
  • Allows you to use it as a bike and elliptical machine combo
  • Designed with transport wheels


  • The stride length is not comfortable for people who are 6 feet tall
  • The warranty is limited

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

If you are searching for an affordable but top-notch elliptical that will help you achieve your fitness dreams, try the Fitness Reality E5500XL.

The trainer features a very robust frame construction to provide durability as well as hold heavy users. The machine features a sleek, slim design to promote a natural stride motion.

For easier transportation, it features transport wheels so you can easily move it when you want to store. There are also extended leg stabilizers on the machine to help you work out confidently without worrying about tipping or any movement.

Other things that you will enjoy when you are training using this machine include hand pulse sensors, dual action handlebars, dual transmission system and larger stride pedals among others.


  • It has a solid construction
  • The machine is easy to assemble
  • Designed with backlit LCD
  • Provide very quiet workouts
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Designed with large pedals


  • There is no particular part of playing a tablet or magazine

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

For those who are concerned about space, the Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer comes to solve your problems. The machine is designed to provide you with effective workouts and takes very little space.

You can use it as a recumbent bike, upright cycle or elliptical trainer depending on your liking or the type of exercise you want.

The machine also comes with other top features like a computer monitor, training programs, integrated heart rate monitor and many others that are aimed at making your workout more effective.


  • Features a compact design
  • No pedal adjustment is required
  • Designed with dual action handlebars for effective upper body workout
  • It has an integrated heart rate monitor
  • Easy to assemble


  • It has short stride
  • The warranty is short
  • The display monitor is not backlit

Best Elliptical Under 300

Not everybody wants to own a high-end elliptical with an array of features. Some people just require a basic workout machine that will provide decent and regular exercises at home. If you have a budget of less than $300, here are some top rated elliptical on the market that you might think of bringing home.


Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse

Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse

Lastly, if you are on a budget and still want to maintain a healthy body, you can get the Exerpeutic 1000Xl machine.

This machine comes with all the best features that you would love to see in a training equipment. Not to mention its silent operation, stationary handlebars, easy to read LCD and the eight levels of magnetic resistance.

Another top quality feature that you will also appreciate on the machine includes its excellent design that ensures you do not experience any bouncing when you are training.


  • There are no bouncy movements
  • Supports users with up to 300 lb.
  • Designed with an easy to read LCD
  • Features Larger pedal design
  • Eight levels of magnetic tension


  • Complaints of poor quality construction

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer

Take your workouts to a new higher level with the Body Champ BRM3671. This machine is among the most affordable on the market and provides satisfying workouts.

The trainer is best suited for people with up to 300 lbs., and it is also very easy to assemble and use.

The large seating surface provides you with comfort making it easy for you to enjoy longer hours of workout without straining your body

The trainer also takes very little storage space because it folds for easier transportation and stockpiling.


  • Features an upright design
  • The seat height is adjustable
  • It has a large LCD panel
  • Features a Hand pulse heart rate monitor
  • Designed with large pedals
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some people complain of inaccuracy of the console and heart rate monitor

Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Adjustable Resistance by Sunny Health & Fitness

Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Adjustable Resistance by Sunny Health & Fitness

Another sleek trainer available at a completive price is the Magnetic Elliptical Trainer. With such a fantastic workout equipment at home, you can enjoy effective training that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The trainer is designed with large anti-slip footpads hence keeping you comfortable throughout the workout. You can enjoy the different eight levels of resistance provided to keep you active and challenge your body.

This machine also allows you to view your work out details such as speed, time, distance, odometer, pulse and calories on its easy to read LCD.


  • Provides you with adjustable levels of resistance
  • Designed with hand pulse sensors
  • It has an easy to read LCD


  • Not ideal for users with over 220lb

Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer

Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer

If you are thinking of bringing an effective home workout machine without spending a lot of money, try the Body Champ 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer.

The trainer features a two-in-one design hence giving you the opportunity to use it as an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike.

The top quality machine features a patented design technology and it also comes with a workout DVD to help you do your workouts effectively.

The trainer is also designed with an advanced LCD exercise computer that has over 17 preset workouts programs.


  • Designed with advanced LCD
  • Features 17 preset workouts
  • Comes with workout DVD
  • It has an integrated heart rate monitor
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not designed for short people

Best Elliptical Under 200

Would you believe me if I told you that you could get a top quality elliptical machine with less than $200? There are so many elliptical machines that provide you with the best home workouts at very reasonable prices. Let us check some of the best machines available at such a budget friendly price.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Having a second trainer doesn’t necessary mean you will not benefit from effective exercises. In fact, you will be amazed at the performance of the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike that works well than other expensive machines available on the market.

The trainer provides you with many features for its price so you can keep yourself fit right at your home. Many people also love the compact design of the trainer because it doesn’t take much space so even people living in small apartments can have the machine without worrying about space.

For convenient transportation, it comes with transport wheels which make it easy to carry from one place to the other.


  • Holds users with maximum weight of 300 lbs.
  • It has a hand pulse monitor
  • Compact design
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Large LCD
  • The seat is adjustable


  • The rubber pedal straps are cheap

Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

You do not have to invest a lot of money so that you can enjoy working out from home. With less than $3200, you can get yourself top quality elliptical trainer like the Body Rider Fan.

This machine provides more than you can expect for its fantastic price. It comes with a workout video to give you guidance when you are working out.

The trainer also supports effective upper and lower body workout, thanks to the dual action handlebars. You can keep yourself fit all the times with this machine at your home gym.

Another thing that makes it a top selection elliptical is the smooth operation. Its chain drive allows smooth workouts all the time even when you are training at night.


  • Quiet operation
  • Provides effective upper and lower body workouts
  • Workout video to guide you
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust the level of resistance
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Complaints on limited motion for armbars

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Elliptical

Elliptical Machine for home is an exercise machine which is used to replicate running, walking or stair climbing like stuff. This motionless exercise machine offers this work without any risk of injuries in the joint of bones. This decreases the chances to do some exercise without making any pressure on the body.

People who are fit or little injured can easily use this incredible machine to become healthy or gain fitness after sickness as it doesn’t make any impact on the weak or injured part. This easy moving exercise stuff is very popular in the household for spontaneous activity in developing skills.

best elliptical 2017 reviews

This fitness equipment has won the heart of millions of health conscious people for its significant benefits and comfortable working. This is also called as a trainer for its fine use, the amazing workout, strengthening the body, weight loss, and cardiovascular care. This machine offers the advantages of bike exercise, stair steppers, and sculling machines.

It allows the user to train both upper and lower side body at the same time. Working pedals help the bottom and, the upper body is helped by ski poles shaped handle. This machine is like a gift if the users work on it regularly except keeping it in the corner without any touch. Various outlets are there to sell Best Elliptical Machines for Home. Buyers will just need to find the right one for them. Here is some direction for the customers that will help them to choose the perfect machine.

Purchasing an elliptical trainer can be troublesome if you have little knowledge about the machines. Again, the number of models that you will come across will easily confuse you such that you can end up making the wrong choice.

I have created this buying guide to enlighten you on some important things that you should know before buying the best elliptical. With these considerations in mind, you are sure of making an informed purchase decision.


The first thing that you need to determine before buying an elliptical is your budget. How much money are you willing to part with so that you can get the best workout equipment? Some things will help you get a machine to suit your budget requirements.

Do you want a basic trainer or a high-end model? What are some of the features that you want your machine to have? It is important if you answer the above questions, and you will find it easy choosing the most budget friendly machine to match your needs.

The Size

Elliptical come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer. Before you bring any machine home, it is important to consider the amount of space you have at home.

By doing this, you will be in a position to choose the right sized elliptical to suit your needs. You will find most elliptical machines measuring 6 feet long and 2.5 inches wide.

Stride Length

Do not forget to check the stride length of the machine if you want to enjoy comfortable workouts. The right machine should provide you with a stride length ranging from 18 inches to 201 inches. However, if you are relatively tall, you can go for models with a stride length of up to 22 inches.

ProForm Hybrid TrainerLCD Display

You also want to know how you are faring as you work out. Therefore, a good machine should be designed with an easy to read LCD where important work out details are displayed. You also want a machine with a grip mounted heart rate monitor so that you can monitor your heart rate.


Warranty is another important consideration that you should check before buying an elliptical. This is an indicator of how quality the machine is, and it also helps you secure your purchase.

Most manufacturers provide warranty based on the price, and most machines have a warranty of average five years. Always buy a machine that is backed up with a warranty.

Other Considerations

  • Check the resistance levels
  • Consider the incline
  • Stability of the machine
  • The level of noise
  • Consider the brakes and the flywheel

Final Words

Elliptical trainers are very effective workout machines that provide you with low impact workouts. They work well by challenging both the upper and lower body workout, and greatly help in burning calories.

If you are serious about keeping your body fit, consider upgrading your current workout machines with the best elliptical trainer, and you will love the results.

I’m sure by now you will not experience trouble choosing the best machine based on your budget requirements. We covered the best products with a high rating, positive customer feedback and excellent features among other things.

All these best elliptical we have reviewed in this guide will provide you with the best cardiovascular exercises that will prevent cardiovascular diseases . Consider them as the best for home use.

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