Best Beard Comb Reviews & Buying Guide

Thick beards give a powerful statement. And the men who have them look really good. However, getting your beard to look thick and neat is not as easy as pie. Proper beard maintenance involves a shampooing, oiling, using the best beard balm but without one crucial thing, your beard will not look as good as it’s supposed to be. That is a best beard comb. You ought to comb your beard to stimulate hair follicles to grow a killer beard and to make it look well maintained and healthy.

However, before making the mistake of going to the store and getting the first beard comb you see, let me tell you a little about cheap and bad quality combs. They can ruin your beard and do irreversible damage that will make it look unkempt, leaving you with the option of shaving it all off and starting anew and we wouldn’t want that.

Because this is something that a lot of men overlook in their grooming toolkit. Find the reviews of the most recommended beard combs.

Best Beard Comb Reviews: Our 7 Top For 2017

Dual Action Beard Protective Sleeve

This beard comb features dual action teeth, meaning it has a double row of teeth for the utmost grooming precision, beard type regardless. One row is for thinner beard types while the other is for thicker types.

It is made of wood; hence it does not pull, snag or generate static charge while combing like plastic combs do. Pulling might lead to splitting ends or redness, and this comb eliminates that. Also, it has a nice, sandalwood scent that is sweet and woody and is commonly associated with masculinity.


  • Comes in a faux leather sleeve and a gift box
  • Dual action teeth for utmost grooming precision
  • Gives off a sweet, masculine sandalwood scent
  • Durable to withstand daily wear and tear
  • No static, snagging or pulling to ruin your beard


  • Does not retain the sandalwood fragrance

Exec Beard Comb Shaping Template

It helps groom your beard into the perfect shape professionally, without having to visit the barbershop and paying a lot of money so, in a sense, it saves you some coins. This template will help you shape your moustache, sideburns, goatee, cheek line, jaw line and more.

It also features different styles for example if you want to shave your cheek line, you have the option of choosing between a step cut and a curve cut. This styling tool is every bearded man’s dream so that it will be the perfect gift for a stylish and distinguished gentleman.


  • Two tools in one
  • Two rows of combing teeth for grooming precision
  • Helps shape the moustache, sideburns, jawline, cheek line and more
  • Has leveling marks to achieve symmetry while shaving facial hair
  • Gives professional shapes without having to go to the barber
  • Features different styles of shaving


  • Not curved, so it does not conform to the face while shaping facial hair
  • Made of hard plastic but it is brittle
  • Comb is a little inadequate, and the teeth are likely to break off

Stainless Styling Shaping Template

This is one of the top best beard combs available. This tool is also versatile, coming as a comb and a beard shaping template in one tool. The fact that it is made of stainless steel makes it super durable because this shaping template will never break. It is built for longevity as stainless steel withstands wear and tear.

It has a two sized teeth comb design that ensures grooming precision for any beard size. It ensures your beard can be styled and tamed with ease. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs, and because it is made of stainless steel, the comb does not retain the oil.

The shaping template helps in making your beard look sharp and professional with clean, perfected and symmetrical edges. It is the ideal solution for getting rid of stray off cuts on the jawline, neckline, cheek line, and the goatee. The comb is smooth anti-static and does not hurt the scalp.


  • Versatile tool that helps in shaping and grooming facial hair
  • Comb helps glide beard oil through the hairs
  • Two sized teeth comb grooming precision on any beard size
  • Sharp, symmetrical and professional clean edges achieved with the shaping template
  • Made of stainless steel, so it is built to last; durable
  • Anti-static and smooth and does not hurt the scalp


  • Stiff and not flexible to conform to the shape of the face while shaping the beard

Kent Handmade Beard/Moustache Comb, X-Small

Kent Combs are known as the holy grail of beard and moustache combs. They are of exceptional quality and standard. This comb is no different. As one of the best moustache combs, the craftsmanship of this model is stellar.

This comb is small, and it has a hand-polished finish, and is just the right balance between weight to size, and will most definitely feel right in your hand as you comb your beard or moustache.

It is a 73 mm fine toothed moustache and beard comb that is perfect for trimming, maintaining, grooming and styling facial hair to keep it looking neat, healthy and well maintained.


  • Quality materials
  • Not heavy and is just the right size
  • Handmade and hand finished with precision
  • Does not scratch or bite at your skin
  • Small enough to be slipped into a pocket ant taken anywhere


  • Gold writing comes off after a while, but this does not compromise on the functionality of the comb
  • Ridiculously small for some users
  • Could easily fall out of the pocket and get lost

Guybar Beard Shaper Grooming Template

stainless steel construction ensures the combine is anti-static and does not pull on the skin hence hurting it.

The beard shaper takes the guesswork out of shaping your beard as it is a template that creates perfect symmetry and clean, professional edges. All you need to do is place it against your face and hold it in place as you shave with your razor or clippers.

It offers a variety of shaping choices and styling options for you to pick from. You can shape your neckline, cheek line, goatee, and jaw line. You can adjust the curve angle and use different style and shapes to try something new.


  • Has versatile applications in your grooming regimen; it has different sized combs for different lengths of beard and a shape to guide your trim
  • With a stainless steel build, the combs are anti-static. No more tugging at your beard while you comb
  • Because it is made of stainless steel, it is a durable tool for your beard care set.
  • Making proper use of the template on the Guybar, you can take professional care of your beard at home.
  • The template will ensure that you have a neat looking beard every time you shave.


  • Stiff and non-flexible

Beard Styling and Shaping Template Comb Tool

Beard Styling is one of the best beard combs, well-loved for its innovative design. It is both a comb and a beard shaping template. The two sized teeth comb design ensures beards of all sizes can be styled and named effortlessly.

The ends provide the ideal clean up solution for stray off cuts by helping you achieve perfect and symmetrical edges. You get to have facial hair that looks like it was professionally shaved without visiting your costly barber.

The teeth of the comb help to glide beard oil through the hairs to keep your nice and oiled. It also comes with clear, easy to follow instructions on how to use. The beard shaping template can be used on the neckline, cheek line, jawline, and goatee.


  • Innovative design makes it versatile
  • Two sized teeth comb design for taming and styling all board sizes
  • Gives professional looking cuts
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions provided
  • Help guide beard oil through the hairs
  • Shaping template can be used on the goatee, neckline, cheek line and jaw line


  • Plastic is thick and stiff, so not easy to use while shaping

Man & Beard – Stainless Steel Beard Shaping Tool and Scissors Kit

This is the ultimate grooming and trimming kit for your beard with everything you need for everyday grooming. It comes with a bears shaping template and a comb and a pair of scissors for trimming.

The comb template is made of stainless steel, durable material, so that’s a plus for longevity. Also, the comb does not pull your hairs and is anti-static. It can also be used to glide beard oil through the hairs to promote a healthy beard growth.

The template is used for the moustache, cheeks, jaw, sideburns, neck


  • Made of durable stainless steel and it will serve for years to come
  • Comes with a pair of scissors for cutting
  • Comb is anti-static and does not pull on your hairs
  • Comb glides through the hairs and is perfect for gliding beard oil through the hairs
  • Helps achieve professional, symmetrical edges on your facial hair without visiting the barber


  • Hard to use but gets easier with practice

Best Beard Comb: How To Buy 

Here are a few things to put into consider


Get a good quality and durable comb. Cheap combs might do more harm than good. For instance, they may break and cause your beard to have split ends. They could pull on your hair wear down your roots and ruin your beard. Consider good quality beard combs and your beard will thank you for it in more ways than one.


Beard Combs are made using different materials like stainless steel, wood, and plastic. Options made of plastic are cheaper but are more vulnerable to breaking and wear and tear. Wood and stainless steel are very sturdy and durable.

Also, stainless steel does not generate static energy while pulling and can help in the application of beard oil as it glides through the hairs without pulling, hence promoting healthy beard growth.


Some models come with a shaping template for your facial hair. For the person with an unsteady hand, this helps you achieve clean, perfect, symmetrical and professional edges at home.

Final Words

Trying to find out the best beard comb for your beard maintenance routine is not easy. I have spent hours and hours of research to provide you with information on the best brand in the market so you can make the right decision for yourself.

All the best beard combs in this mentioned above have been tried, tested and analyzed and put in this review, so the hard work has been done for you.

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