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  • Author: Christina Brewton

Here’s What You Should Know about Pool Maintenance before Adding a Pool

There’s something inherently glamorous about having your own pool in the backyard. Just imagine all the parties, barbecues, days and nights relaxing there with your closest friends and family. Tempting, isn’t it? But people who rush into adding a pool to their backyard often forget one of the most tedious chores that come with owning…

Wikigains Reveals: Marketers are Divided Between Customer Acquisition and Customer Loyalty

In a recent marketing survey, 76 American companies were asked how they were offering discount coupons over Black Friday and the Holiday Season. The study aimed to discover the impact these promotions had on customer acquisition and loyalty. Here, with the help of Alex Papaconstantinou from UK-based coupon site www.wikigains.com, we take a brief look…