Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon Fire TV Review. Do I Really Need It?

Amazon has launched Amazon Fire TV.  It is an ultimate destination of entertainment, which will blow your mind. But do you think you really want Amazon fire TV at your home?

Is Amazon Fire TV really worth the money? Or is it really kids friendly? Lets check out its features before you take any decision.

Amazon Fire TV Review: Whats in it?

Massive selection—Amazon Fire TV has a wide range of TV episode, movies and games collection. It has over 200,000 TV episodes and movies in their collection. Approximately millions of songs are available on the Amazon prime TV as well as hundreds of games.

Amazon Fire TV Review

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Free 30-day Prime trial— You will have unlimited access to limitless popular movies and TV shows which includes award-winning TV series from HBO. It is also offering most thrilling titles like Downtown Abbey.

Actually working Voice search— It has amazing voice search function which will make you astonished. World’s first actually working voice search will simply blow you mind.

Tiny box, huge specs— In Amazon Fire TV you will get 3x processing power than Roku and Apple TV. Its quad-core processor and 2 GB of memory ensures tremendous performance. It also has dedicated GPU for better graphics. It has built in Dolby Digital Plus surround sound with amazing optical audio out for most memorable musical experience ever.

Easy to set up and use—If you are already registered with you will get all your favorite movies an TV show are pre registered there. Amazon Fire TV is really easy to setup. This will make your life super easier.Amazon Fire TV2

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Instant streaming— Amazon Fire TV comes with  Exclusive new feature like Instant streaming. As soon as posible it predicts what movies or TV episodes you are planning to watch it will buffer them for playback , even before you hit play button.

Connect your small screen to your big screen—Fire TV will let you to connect your small screen tv or smart phone to your big screen TV, through its built in apps.

Perfect for parents—Amazon TV is a perfect fit for you, if you have children. It will let you easily limit screen time  and will allow you to create personalized profiles just for kids. It also offers parental control.

Great for gaming—Playing amazing games like The Walking Dead,  Minecraft-Pocket Edition, and Monsters University is really enjoyable in your Amazon prime TV. You will also get access to over thousand of amazing games from just for $.99

I hope you are already interested about Amazon Fire TV after reading this review. Please don’t forget to share this review with your friends and loved ones.

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