5 Tips to Upgrade Your Old Garage

We all have plenty of hobbies and interests, but there probably isn’t anything more interesting and satisfying than tinkering with your home, arranging it, rearranging and doing all kinds of stuff in this never-ending cycle of improvement.

Home is your kingdom and you are the kings, free to reign over it and do whatever you like to make it look even more awesome than it already is. There is this special, often neglected but equally important part of any home – a garage.

It is not just your everyday storage for all the garbage you’re going to throw out anyways in a few years, but much, much more.

Here are 5 tips and tricks you can use to uncover the potential you didn’t even know there was in your garage:

Start with the floors

Looking down has never been more optimistic. All those shady stains and concrete floors of the old can now be removed and rejuvenated with a new, epoxy flooring. This has become pretty common in the vintage car collector communities and other 4-wheel enthusiasts.

Another pretty useful perk of this floor is that it is very easy to clean and to keep clean and it really looks nice and comfy, it is just a perfect addition to your garage upgrade list.

Make use of ceilings

Space is a luxury you, unfortunately, have in limited supplies, so being both smart and tasteful about arranging your garage can be a pretty tricky task. But there lies the beauty of it all, coming up with your own ideas and solutions feels awesome.

This text’s purpose is to spark those little hamsters in your brain and give you some guidelines. So to stay in line with what you’ve read in this paragraph the next very useful thing for your garage is the ceiling storage.

Implying that you’ve already used up all the space on your walls the next area of your garage that you can conquer are the ceilings, and for a price range from 75$ to 100$ you can have it arranged, in other words, to have a ramp installed on which you can attach plastic bins. However, be careful to leave enough room for your garage doors.

Open doors via smartphone

Remote control in houses has been around for a while and is evolving day after day. Now, thanks to smart garage door openers you can do that for your garage as well.

You don’t even need to be in the vicinity to be able to do that. Your neighbor needs to borrow something from your garage while you are comfortable taking your time somewhere else? No problem, you can now open your garage doors just by using your phone.

If you are not at home and you are worried that you’d maybe left the garage door open, these apps let you easily close them.

Heavy duty closets

These are always a nice addition because you want the very best for your garage. Investing a bit more money now will go a long way if you want to do everything just right. Even if you already have old cabinets, you should think about picking up new, heavy duty ones.

They can come with wheels so you can easily move them around and be installing a tabletop feature as a workspace will immensely increase the quality of space used.

Feel free to customize

The garage is a part of the house where you can have absolute freedom when deciding what you want to use it for and how you want to arrange it. This is basically your man cave where you can build things like a bar for example.

The idea is to feel motivated to stay there more often and to feel nice. Your spirits, as well as property value, will both be raised.

The idea is to feel motivated to stay there more often and to feel nice. Your spirits, as well as property value, will both be raised.
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