5 Easy Floral Recipes You Would Love To Try

Floral Recipes for a florist or a flower lover need not be an edible recipe made out of flowers or flower parts or floral oils or even flavors.

This is a unique concept where I make the use of my kitchen and ingredients or containers in my kitchen to create an attractive floral display.

I curate 5 easy make it yourself Floral Recipes here, but I do believe that you can let your imagination work harder and more creatively and create much more. It certainly makes a great dinner centerpiece and a conversation starter.


  • Flower Platter

Use any unique platter from your kitchen to use as a base for this very simple floral recipe.

A contrast or complementary flower color sets the mood for your evening.

I have used light chrysanthemums with dracaena leaves and made these flower cylinders as below.

  • Flower Jelly


This is another very interesting and yet simple idea. I used plain gelatine with a touch of red food color powder from your kitchen, to make the same shade as the roses from the florist. You could do the same, depending on the color of the roses you want to use.

Be sure to use extra plain gelatine, the jelly sets faster and stays firm. In any case, this is not going to be an edible jelly. Break the jelly into pieces for a different texture like I have to make it look even more interesting. Fill a short clear glass container with the jelly and add the shortened roses to fill the square vase


  • Flower Salad

Here is a different looking flower salad. Use white pearl like spring onions with the leaves from your kitchen fridge or if you are lucky from your kitchen garden. This display needs a floral sponge cut to the size you want. Wet the floral sponge and use as a base.

The spring onion can be tied with raffia around this base with the green leaves contrasting with many types of small filler flowers from your florist. I have used sweet williams, some chrysanthemums, and alstroemeria. Use your creativity to add color and contrast.


  • Food color vase with Flowers

While serving a fresh fruit as the main theme for a healthy snack out with friends I thought of a making an attractive difference to my table. It was a lunch meeting with glorious sunlight streaming in. I just filled some tall vases at home with translucent yet bright red colored water using the red food color in my kitchen cabinet.

It was easy to get some mini African daisies in a contrasting white from my florist. The floral display made the table look stunning.

  • Ice Flower Sorbet

There is no ice flower but flowers which were used behind a wall of snow ice. For this, I used the snowmaking machine which I had bought for my kitchen in India. It is a manual machine which grates a block of ice for the delightful texture of snow. The locals call it “

The locals call it “gola” and slurp it up with fruit flavors. Here I lined a large glass bowl from my kitchen with roses, leaves, and buds from my garden and filled it with the snow ice.

This gave the base an unusual look, then I used  ‘glad wrap’ cling film from my kitchen covered this ice snow base and placed a small plate loaded with store-bought sorbet and served my dessert. This cannot be a floral display as the snow ice melts fast, but it is a great way to serve an ice cold dessert.

I do hope you enjoy making these floral recipes and use your creativity and imagination to build with these ideas, using kitchen containers and ingredients to make stunning floral displays.

Author Bio

This is a guest article by Laxmi Lobo.  She is a Singapore trained floral designer. She is now a retail florist in Mumbai and specializes in flower delivery in Mumbai. Her online bouquet delivery in Mumbai has won accolades from the press and has interviewed on TV for CNBC & ET NOW. Visit Spring Blossoms to know more about Flower Delivery In Mumbai.

All image courtesy: Laxmi Lobo

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