5 Apps For Budgeting And Debt Control

There are numerous great apps out there that will help you keep your debt under control. Just download them and you can make leaps towards better finances.

Top 5 Apps For Budgeting And Debt Control

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is an app designed to allow you to take several steps toward bringing your finances under control. This iOS budget app enables you to cancel unwanted subscriptions, create savings accounts, and much more. The app also provides handy alerts to help you stick to an allotted budget, tracking your spending in several different areas. If, for instance, you’re about to spend more than expected at the grocery store, the app will alert you to that fact.

The Clarity Money app uses a potent artificial intelligence system to make sense of your spending. By tracking your financial activity, it builds a customized goal for you with a concrete deadline. Besides putting you in better control of your spending, the app will also help reduce your bills by closing wasteful accounts and pointing you toward more affordable services (e.g. credit cards).

Good Budget

Good Budget is an app built around the “envelope” budgeting system. By virtualizing the process, Good Budget makes the envelope system even simpler and more effective. The system works by anticipating your monthly expenses and spending and assigning money towards each of your needs in advance.

Good Budget is especially useful for two-income households because it allows you to sync multiple individual’s financial accounts to the same family budget. The app makes it much easier to keep track of who’s spending what and how much you have left in each of your envelopes. Good Budget works with both Android and iOS devices.


Mint is the free budgeting app brought to you by the same team of financial software experts responsible for Quicken and TurboTax. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices for maximum compatibility. Mint creates customized budgets based on the financial data you feed to it. The app is capable of alerting you when your spending becomes unusual and offers plenty of handy advice for reducing the amount of money you’re spending. Mint also offers integrated credit score tracking, so that you keep an accurate “big picture” view of your financial status. As soon as you link your bank accounts to the Mint app, it starts making sense of your finances for you.

Another of Mint’s noteworthy features is that it tracks investments as well as spending. You can compare your portfolio to common market benchmarks. Best of all, Mint will assemble a comprehensive investment picture that includes all of your asset allocations. For example, it brings your mutual fund and 401(k) investments together for a unified analysis.



Mvelopes is another budgeting app that brings the “envelope” system to Android and iOS devices. According to the app’s developers, financial freedom is a matter of managing your money better, not increasing the amount of pay you take home. You can use the app to create a monthly budget based on your income. Mvelopes also tracks credit card spending and includes tools to help you take control of “hidden” spending.

The Mvelopes team also provides more individualized financial assistance through money management education and financial coaching. You can eliminate debts and build your savings by building skills with the expert assistance of Certified Budgeting Coaches.



Unsplurge is an iOS budgeting app that has its own unique spin. The program is geared toward helping you save towards a concrete goal. Unsplurge operates on the principle of delayed gratification, helping you exercise financial discipline now so that you can enjoy significant rewards later. The app includes social networking features, allowing you to share your goals and your progress toward them with others. The social connections brought into the app can serve as potent motivational tools to stick with your financial plans and to help you celebrate your achievements.

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