5 Amazing Armbands For Your Smartphone

If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure that you are a smartphone user and you are looking for an arm band for your smartphone.

Now, the question is why we need an armband for our smartphone right?

As a smartphone user, we often forget our phone while working out on the Gym. Even phones fell down during running.

Armbands for smartphones saves us from this issue. Let’s check which smartphone armbands are best for your phone.


Minisuit SPORTY Armband + Key Holder for Apple iPhone 6:

 Key Features:

  • Perfectly fits on Apple iPhone 6
  • Made from Lightweight soft neoprene, which can be molded.
  • It doesn’t support iPhone 6 Plus
  • Can be washed gently with soft soap. Must be dried properly after the wash.
  • Minisuit SPORTY Armband fits on smaller arms nicely.
  • Its adjustable Velcro has been designed to support up to 14″ biceps.



Neoprene Sports Armband for iPhone 5

Key Features:

  • Best Fits on iPhone 5
  • Perfectly supports Apple iPhone 5/5S/5C
  • Lightweight soft neopre has been used for the make
  • Can be molded
  • Gently washable
  • Fits small arms as well as 14″ biceps.



iPhone 6 PLUS Armband : Stalion

Key Features:

  • Perfectly supports your iPhone 6 plus.
  • Really easy to use.
  • Specially designed for running, and workout.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Includes credit card holder
  • Money and key holder
  • 100% water resistant and sweat proof




Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband: iXCC

Key Features:

  • Perfectly fits Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Specially made for racing and running.
  • Dual Arm-Size Slots
  • Includes Key Pocket
  • Can be molded, twisted and bended.
  • Enough flexible for fitting large and small arms.



Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Armband

Key Features:

  • Designed for Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge
  • Supports running, and work out.
  • Offers Lifetime Warranty.
  • 100% Sweat proof and water resistant
  • Includes Key holder and Credit card Holder.
  • Highly adjustable fits from 8.5 to 15″ which means fit everyone!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to share this smartphone armbands with your friends and family.

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